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Agile Team

Reach your digital transformation goals by hiring a cross-functional team to tackle your next project

In order to accomplish your digital goals, we believe in an Agile approach. An Agile team creates more satisfied customers, improves quality, reduces risk, and ensures better communication. Having the right talent to build your Agile team is critical to accomplishing a faster time-to-market. At 3Ci, we understand the benefits of Agile and provide full Agile teams to help our customers fill gaps on existing teams in order to improve efficiency and increase velocity.

Direct Hire

Hire the best professionals for full-time positions

Looking for a full-time employee to accelerate your in-house capabilities? Leave the heavy lifting to us. We have 40 years of experience making direct hire placements across a wide range of industries, skill levels, and specializations. Our innovative, award-winning hiring process matches you with qualified candidates (remote or on-site) within 72 hours, saving your valuable time, money, and resources.

Staff Augmentation

Find skilled pros for project-based work, fast

Looking for contractors to augment your internal team, support your next big project, or bring fresh perspective and expertise? 3Ci delivers the best. Rather than sending you a stack of resumes, we develop a deep understanding of your culture, requirements, and expectations, cultivate strong relationships with potential candidates and ensure the right fit with video interviews, technical evaluations, and behavioral assessments.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Focus on your business by allowing us to attract and hire the Right Talent

Looking to outsource external recruiting, internal recruiting, your entire employment function, or just a piece of it? 3Ci designs and implements effective outsourced recruiting solutions for companies across a number of industries and disciplines. When it comes to outsourcing your employment function, we understand that the stakes are high for your organization. With the reach of a global firm and the high-touch approach of a boutique, we can help take your recruiting process from scattered and inefficient to strategic and standardized.