Trust and Transparency: Securing Sensitive Information with a Strategic Partner

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Confidently Share Private Data in Public Clouds with 3Ci

Our client has been providing publicly traded utility providers with reliable and secure services for over 25 years. But recently, as data sharing requirements become increasingly complex and sophisticated, they have realized they need a partner to create a secure solution that meets their specific needs. This case study will investigate how our client
works with its major customers, the challenges they face when it comes to securely sharing data, and the solutions 3Ci
was able to provide.

Long before the ambitious project they faced in 2022, this client had worked with 3Ci on and off for staffing needs. But this latest effort was entirely different: it required in-house engineers to be brought in and a data warehouse built from scratch. 3Ci’s experience and expertise were essential to help the company successfully overcome its pain points and offer public, secure data sharing to its clients.

Two organizations working in tandem can unlock a wealth of new possibilities and create an environment for exponential growth.

Understanding Their Pain Points

This client was struggling to securely share its client’s data with them. Data was present and well-organized, but difficult for external customers to retrieve the data they needed. The only way customers could access their data was through a secure web application or a secure report. This created an accessibility issue because the customer wanted to do more with their data. However, the extremely sensitive and highly confidential nature of the data required a new approach, as any potential data leakage could cause a massive national catastrophe.

Cyber security is an increasingly important issue in the modern world, and secure data sharing is of utmost importance. In an age where we increasingly rely on digital communication, we must protect ourselves from malicious hackers who might want to access our confidential data.

Furthermore, with the proliferation of connected devices and IoT technology, the risk of a security breach has increased exponentially. Companies handling sensitive information must have robust systems to ensure their data remains safe and confidential.

So, how do you grant access to a client’s owned data without exposing everything else?

Implementing Strategies for Secure Data Sharing

Granting access to subsets of owned data without exposing everything else is a delicate process. Companies must develop robust strategies to ensure the safety of their data while also providing necessary accessibility to customers and other parties. This can be achieved through carefully implementing authentication protocols, data encryption, and access control systems.

After analyzing our client’s pain points, we determined that creating a custom data lake using Microsoft Azure would be the most effective and reliable solution. By creating a custom data lake that caters to their specific needs, companies can extract data from our client’s systems and share it using end-to-end encryption without exposing other data in the system.

Our client’s customers are required to have an Azure cloud account, and once that account is linked to our client’s data lake, the solution will automatically update that customer’s slice of the data lake. This ensures that our client’s systems and our client’s customer’s systems stay up-to-date and agile.

For 3Ci’s team, it took under six months to implement the data lake, and now our client can meet the needs of their customers while using modern, advanced techniques for secure storage, transmission, authentication, and authorization to mitigate risks and enhance sharing.

With Secure Systems, Everybody Wins

Sharing enterprise data quickly and securely with your customers can make them agile, better informed, and responsive to their business needs. As 3Ci has shown, when this is done well, you can be confident that the risks of security breaches, data corruption, or data exfiltration are minimized.

Additionally, it enables organizations to provide a better customer experience by allowing them to access up-to-date information quickly when needed. It also enables organizations to reduce costs by leveraging a well-architected, shared, and secure network like Microsoft Azure.

Outsourcing software and data solutions can offer businesses many important benefits. It offers increased cost savings, as companies don’t have to hire full-time staff to perform specific tasks. It grants businesses access to advanced expertise and the latest technologies, ensuring optimized processes. Additionally, scalability options give companies flexible solutions that can adjust to changing needs. The right outsourcing partner can help shorten turnaround times, enabling faster completion of projects with tight deadlines or high-importance jobs.

Can your business confidently share private data in a public cloud with multiple parties?

With 3Ci, you can.