Transforming Processes, Cutting Costs and Improving Quality Control

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Our client is a pioneering producer of goods, characterized by their 24/7 operations and workforce that spans multiple shifts to ensure seamless assembly line productivity. With an extensive delivery network in the United States and abroad, they are making waves on all continents with quality products shipped far and wide.

They have achieved fast growth during uncertain times, and it is essential for them to remain agile and efficient to maintain their competitive advantage. Our client’s success largely depends on the precision of their production and distribution processes and the ability to leverage resources effectively.

Our clients must keep up with the ever-evolving digital landscape to ensure their top-notch operations. They need to be able to process and execute large volumes of data quickly and accurately to remain competitive globally. They have sought strategic partnerships with technology providers specializing in enterprise data management solutions to achieve this.

Our partnership has enabled them to better manage their production and distribution processes, allowing them to stay agile and up-to-date with digital trends. They’ve reduced their costs by streamlining their processes, improving quality control, and raising customer satisfaction.

The Challenge of Identifying and Addressing IT Errors

Our client’s assembly line systems track the progress of their daily production, sending out alerts to alert operators when something is amiss.

With a large volume of messages being sent each day though, it was increasingly challenging for support personnel to efficiently identify and take action on critical issues with timeliness.

The client faced the daunting task of individually diagnosing IT errors across hundreds of their home-grown assembly line stations—an issue that had caused costly outages in time and money. With no viable competitors to seek assistance from, they sought a custom solution: an intuitive dashboard filtered for immediate corrective actions at any given point of error.

Improving Communication and Increasing Efficiency

Determined to streamline communication and improve eciency, Doozer Software created a single multi-threaded application process utilizing Java technology which unified alert message scanning with a web presence. The intuitive web-based interface equips the support personnel with configuring alerts according to varying needs and schedules.

By reading all log messages compared to pre-set rules of interest, this system can identify precisely what is needed while ensuring optimal performance – no matter how much data there may be! The project ensured effective installation, ensuring operations teams reap immediate benefits from its use.

Our innovative solution unified eight disparate systems, significantly reducing downtime from 45 minutes to just 1-2 minutes.

This streamlines troubleshooting processes and cuts costs tremendously, where previously, each minute of lost production is about $36K for an average of $1.6 million per outage. The new system drastically reduces this outage impact to less than $72K.

Additionally, for the client we have performed critical database maintenance, device logging, and project management for business web applications – making us leaders in reliable integrated solutions across a broad range of industries worldwide.

Our customer now keeps their assembly lines running smoothly with the help of our critical error messaging! Whether looking for an internal software overhaul, client-facing system update, or website modernization and integration — allow us to work our magic, developing tailored solutions that meet your business’s specific needs.