How to Build a High Performance Software Engineering Team

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One of our amazing clients is a leading global location-level customer experience measurement company serving multi-location businesses through several business intelligence solutions. Serving major clients like Arby’s, Buffalo Wild Wings, Chick-Fil-A, and more, the company is a force to be reckoned with in the customer experience management space.

After experiencing rapid sales growth, our client came to us with a challenge. Their team was so busy conquering these new endeavors they didn’t have the time and resources to focus on existing client work. As a result, over eight months’ worth of work was piled up within their legacy platforms.

That’s when they reached out to 3Ci for help.

The Problem

Experiencing rapid customer growth, our client was having no trouble selling solutions to new clients but lacked the internal resources to fix existing platform issues and serve existing clients.

The Mission

Assemble a highly qualified team of software developers to complete eight months’ worth of backlogged IT work to enable our clients’ teams to focus on new development and programs.

The Results

To reach their goals, our client needed a team of software development professionals, and fast.

The 3Ci team went straight to work.

After mapping out some of the technical requirements they were looking for, we helped our client determine that they needed three .NET developers and three PHP developers to get the job done.

Within a week, 3Ci provided six talented developers, knocking out our client’s backlogged work with gusto. In fact, the team we provided was able to complete eight months’ worth of backlogged IT work in under two months, giving their team the time and space they needed to focus on other pursuits.

Whether your company is revamping internal software, client-facing systems, or modernizing and integrating legacy applications or websites — we develop solutions designed specifically for your business.