Empowering End-Users: How 3Ci Helped Their Client Deliver a Better Software Experience

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When this client needed to create an optimized eCommerce application built on collaboration, knowledge, and precision, they knew they could count on 3Ci. The process started quickly and straightforwardly despite being a completely new relationship.

The client had an internal team that was too busy to take this project on but laid out a plan for success. This was when 3Ci stepped in – leading the implementation of their eCommerce development needs. The system that the client used to sell checks, was outdated and poorly customized – a legacy system – so working closely with the product owner and tech lead was essential for success.

To ensure the user experience (UX) design met the necessary standards, 3Ci implemented a comprehensive design process for the eCommerce application. This included checks, binders, wallets, and other products that needed to be integrated into the system seamlessly. It was through this collaboration and knowledge exchange that 3Ci was able to build an optimized eCommerce application that could meet the client’s needs with precision.

The end result of 3Ci’s work was a successful deployment of an optimized eCommerce application designed with precision and built on collaboration. Through working closely with the product owner and tech lead, as well as meeting their tight deadline for the Google Analytics update, 3Ci provided quality service that allowed them to deliver results in an efficient manner, even though it was a completely new relationship.

Creating this eCommerce application was no easy feat. 3Ci had to ensure the highest user experience design standards, account for multiple sites and products, and address complicated checks that needed accuracy.

The project had a few pain points that needed addressing. Firstly, the complicated requirements of the project have led to a lot of communication and organization, as well as the need for agility and extensive documentation.

Additionally, the project involves connecting not just one website but multiple sites with multiple products, which means many avenues for the customer journey need to be accounted for.

On top of that, there is the complexity of checks, which involve a lot of hoops and details that must be kept straight to ensure accuracy. All these challenges require careful planning and execution to overcome.

Connections to Broader Industry Trends

These pain points can have a significant impact on the economic landscape, depending on which industry they affect:

  • In the financial industry, complicated requirements and checks can lead to delays in processing payments or opening accounts, which can have a ripple effect on other businesses that rely on these services.
  • In retail, an inefficient customer journey can result in lost sales and revenue, which can be detrimental to a business’s bottom line.
  • In the tech industry, a poorly designed app serving multiple sites can lead to frustrated users and low adoption rates, negatively impacting a company’s growth and profitability.

Addressing these pain points effectively can help businesses operate more efficiently and effectively, leading to positive economic outcomes such as increased revenue, improved customer satisfaction, and overall business growth.

The Action Plan

3Ci put together a team consisting of a full-time developer, part-time developer, and part-time project manager to optimize and streamline their services.

As they progressed with the project, 3Ci expanded their team to include two full-time developers, a part-time developer, a QA tester, and a part-time project manager. This diverse team was assembled with the goal of resolving the pain points that were causing difficulty in delivering quality software solutions to their client.

One of the crucial steps taken was to plan out their architecture based on experience. By doing so, they understood the technical requirements and devised an effective strategy to tackle the pain points. They worked closely with the internal team, listened to their feedback, and adjusted the plan to find the perfect match for their client.

By putting together a team of experienced professionals and planning out their architectural strategy, 3Ci was able to effectively address the pain points affecting their client’s software solutions. The new team structure allowed for better communication, efficient workflow, and increased productivity.

Implementing Solutions & Results

The partnership between 3Ci and their client has produced outstanding results. After just under a year of development, the project went live early in the summer of 2023. Throughout the development process, 3Ci worked closely with the internal team to establish a healthy collaboration and build a positive relationship.

One of the challenges they encountered was the complexity in how data was presented. However, their team navigated this challenge by learning new skills and working with new platforms.

3Ci also partnered with a third-party vendor to help optimize the UX experience for their client. This helped make the whole development process more efficient and customizable. The collaboration with the third-party vendor allowed 3Ci to provide their client with cutting-edge software solutions, resulting in a better experience for end-users.

As part of the software solution, 3Ci enabled customers to log into their accounts, making accessing their information and managing their activities easier. This feature has been well-received by the users and has contributed to a better overall experience.

Looking Ahead

In summary, the partnership between 3Ci and their client has been a resounding success. The software solution was delivered on time and exceeded the client’s expectations. The close collaboration between 3Ci and the internal team, navigating the complexities of data presentation, learning new skills, and partnering with external vendors all contributed to the success of the project.

The partnership between 3Ci and their client will continue, with the development team being kept on for ongoing support and maintenance of the software solution. The team will work to ensure the solution remains optimized and up-to-date and continues delivering value to end users.

The ongoing partnership between 3Ci and the client is significant and demonstrates both parties’ value in working together. With ongoing collaboration and investment in their software solution, the client will be well-positioned to succeed in their industry and achieve their business goals.