As utility leaders continue to respond to the impacts of COVID-19, many are looking for tech talent to continue providing critical services while reimagining the future of power, gas, and renewables. For years, utilities have notoriously struggled to attract a younger, digitally skilled workforce. Today, that old paradigm is rapidly shifting course.

The very thing that once held utilities back in the war for tech talent has now morphed into the industry’s greatest competitive advantage. With all the uncertainty surrounding COVID-19, the safety, security, and predictability utilities provide is becoming more and more appealing to the tech talent pool.

When we’re recruiting talent for a utility company, one of the huge advantages we communicate to potential candidates is the consistency, reliability, and stability that come with the job. It’s unmatched.”
– Amy Vasquez, SVP Strategic Accounts at @3Cipeople 

Historically hard-to-fill Industry 4.0 roles in machine learning, robotics process automation, AI, data science, and more are now readily available and ready to get to work. If you’ve been waiting to staff these key positions, this is the time to secure the available talent.

Here are a few ways we’re finding success bringing today’s best tech talent to the utility industry.

Realize Your Greatest Strength in the Current Job Market—Stability
Even if you don’t offer the highest hourly rate compared to a tech company, a stable long-term contract often offsets that. Many of our utility clients offer contract positions that last up to three years in duration. There can also be potential for consultants to earn full-time positions within the company. Communicate this to potential employees!

“The utilities winning tech talent today understand the huge advantage that comes with the job—solid, long-term contracts.”

Highlight Your Total Compensation Package
When seeking out top talent for utilities, we make sure that candidates consider the total compensation package versus a salary alone. Compared to other industries, utility companies offer great benefits and even retirement plans. They also tend to provide competitive base salaries along with reliable bonuses.

Call Attention to Your Epic Mission
When your job is to support the energy infrastructure, you’re automatically part of something bigger than yourself. This makes utility companies incredibly mission-driven, which is attractive to this next generation of tech talent. With a built-in mission to keep the world running, utilities often provide a professional, polite, and caring environment. The key is to find tech professionals who find great value in this type of setting.

Recognize The Time-Sensitive Perks That Come With the Job
Think about it—what kind of company would you want to work for in the midst of a pandemic? Probably one that is stable and values safety over everything else. At their core, utilities are safety-driven. Perhaps this hasn’t been a wildly attractive offer for young tech talent in the past, but today, it’s top-of-mind.

Utilities are more than just safe. COVID-19 has accelerated all types of transformation and modernization efforts in plant environments, transmission environments, and power plants. Aside from staying safe, utilities offer employees exciting and meaningful work.

“Utilities tend to be good corporate citizens in the communities that they serve. That permeates to their culture and how they treat people.” @3Cipeople 

With all of the shifts happening in today’s workforce, there is a massive influx of highly skilled tech talent on the market. Of course, just because talent is available doesn’t mean it will be a good fit for your company. By staying honest and upfront about what you have to offer as a utility, you’ll attract talent that will thrive in your environment and get the job done.

If you need help finding the right fit for your utility company, we’d love to start a conversation with you. Contact our team today.