Transform Your Workforce, Revolutionize Your Business [Part 10]

by | May 20, 2021 | Blog

This is the final installment of a 10-part series designed to help you transform the way you manage, analyze, and utilize your workforce. Here’s what we’ve covered so far:


To adapt quickly and stay competitive, many organizations are choosing to transfer a number of their functions to external service providers. Today, we’ll dive into how to choose trustworthy partners to help you reach your goals while preserving your company’s culture.

Never underestimate the value of human relationships. As you embark on outsourcing solutions, be sure to seek partners who prioritize the people side of the equation. Be wary of providers who over promise on their capabilities and corporate sales teams who promise to drive more money and efficiency to your bottom line. These so-called partners can ravage company systems and processes, damaging the internal culture and reputation and adversely affecting the quality and delivery of the product or service offered.

It’s a good idea to take the time to find a partner you can trust. An often overused word, trust forms the basis of any outsourced relationship. You must have confidence in the company and the people you are discussing a partnership with—your company’s future success lies in the balance. Equally important is ensuring they have expertly performed the entire scope of services they are promising to deliver.

Trusted partners don’t always have to be the final solution. I learned about many of the concepts described in this series from companies that are now our partners. We help one another by introducing our respective customers to the best resources in the world. Find partners willing to not only provide their services but also expose you to firms with services they don’t provide. Although no one outsource-solutions company does it all, some are strategically positioned with other outsourcers to bring you a greater return on your investment.

I recommend working with partners amenable to designing and implementing their solutions at a measured pace that will protect your culture and provide for thoughtful, ongoing evaluation of the management and control of your business functions. Commit to choosing third parties that will have a positive effect on your product or service, employees, and customers.

The world of business is changing faster than any of us could have ever anticipated. By failing to look at their workforces strategically, many companies have fallen behind and become less competitive in the global marketplace. This doesn’t have to be the fate of your organization.

Now is the time to make your move. If you’re looking for a partner to help you transform the way you manage, analyze, and utilize your workforce to face the new challenges in The New Normal, contact our team today.

Note: This blog post was inspired by and adapted from Randall Hatcher’s book, “The Birth of a New Workforce,” and originally appeared here.