FinTech South is a conference held in Atlanta attracting more than 1300 FinTech executives from 450 companies generating $72B in revenues and processing over 118B transactions annually. As a hub for FinTech innovation, our city is the true epicenter of the financial services industry and Mercedes-Benz Stadium served as the perfect backdrop for this epic annual event.

Didn’t have a chance to make it to FinTech South this year? That’s ok! We’re bringing the insights, innovations, and trends fueling tomorrow’s financial tech industry straight to you.

In our FinTech South 2019 series on TechCONNECT, we’re taking you behind-the-scenes for exclusive access to twelve interviews with some of the key leaders in attendance. Browse below for a fintech interview that sparks your interest.

“You can’t really hide momentum. Momentum is magnetic.”
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How Atlanta is Spearheading Innovation
Todd Edstrom, Co-chair of FinTech South and senior associate at JLL, outlines what went into making this year’s FinTech South conference a success. Todd also goes on to share that one of Atlanta’s secrets to success is its magnetic momentum which attracts the top talent and opportunities from around the globe.

What’s Now And What’s Next
Atlanta is at the forefront of global innovation when it comes to the FinTech landscape. Hear key insights from Larry Williams, President and CEO of the Technology Association of Georgia surrounding what’s new and what’s next in this industry.

Behind the Scenes at FinTech South
Mike Morris, TAG FinTech Steering Committee and partner at Porter Keadle Moore, showcases not only the opportunity held within attending FinTech South day of, but also how being involved in the community can benefit you year-round.

Growth Equity Investors + Atlanta
Jennifer Lee, Vice President Edison Partners, discussed the perception of Atlanta from a growth-equity investor’s standpoint.

3 Ways Banking Institutions Innovate
David Peterson, President of U.S. Dataworks, outlines key insights for how financial institutions can become strategic to business customers.

The Hub of Payments, Talent, Activity, and Innovation
Jennifer Lucas, Executive Director, EY discusses why it’s such an exciting time to be a player in the payments space, whether you are a Fortune 500 company or a smaller fintech startup! It’s all about relationships.

Trust, Security, and Speed
Paul Brobson, Founder and CEO of Trusted Sale, discuss the concept of facilitating high-value instant payments.

Payments on a Global Scale
Ronnie D’Arienzo, Chief Revenue Officer at PPRO, discusses the variety of payment methods that exist on a global scale, and how PPRO helps businesses aggregate all of those different payment methods into one single API.

Supply Chain Finance
We sit down with PJ Bain, CEO, PrimeRevenue, to discuss innovative opportunities that exist across the global ecosystem.

The Startup Perspective
Friend of the show (and co-founder & CEO of Qoins) Christian Zimmerman gives us unique insight into what it’s like to lead one of the fastest-growing fintech startups in Atlanta.

The Charitable Giving Space
Chip Harden, co-founder and VP of Business Development at Softgiving, gives us insights into both the opportunities that exist within the giving space as well as how Softgiving has scaled over the past 12 months through strategic partnerships.

Expense Management Solutions
Tracy Hansen of Bento for Business outlines what we can do to further small business growth within the fintech space.

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