Top Atlanta Tech News [August Edition]

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3Ci Weekly Tech Minute is a weekly installment of Atlanta’s top tech news. Hosted by one of Atlanta’s own tech experts, Titania Jordan, the Weekly Tech Minute is where our city’s tech leaders and enthusiasts turn to receive up-to-date stories about Atlanta’s buzzing tech scene.

Atlanta’s tech scene is on fire! Check out all of our city’s top #tech stories from August. #chooseATL

Top Tech Stories

UPS Plans to Deliver with Unmanned Drones
UPS has created a new subsidiary business, UPS Flight Forward. UPS representatives claim that Flight Forward could receive Part 135 certification from the Federal Aviation Administration which would legally certify UPS as a certified Air Carrier and Operator. This certification would allow them to operate unmanned drones in populated areas, at night, or out of the operator’s line of sight. Get the full story.

Google Launches a ‘Live View’ for Google Maps
According to TechCrunch, Google has launched a ‘Live View’ Augmented Reality walking directions feature for Google Maps. This new feature will provide quick and super-useful orientation by showing you arrows and large, readable street markets overlaid on the real scene in front of you. Get the full story.

Beware of Hackers
The Department of Homeland Security recently issued a “Ransomeware Outbreak” warning, advising companies and municipalities to be aware of the increased number of cyberattacks. Learn how to negotiate with hackers and avoid an expensive payout. Get the full story.

Atlanta Funding News

This Atlanta/Charlotte startup offers a one of a kind service where they literally take care of any laundry, dry cleaning, and delicates directly from their customers’ door step. 2ULaundry is one of the fastest-growing startups in the southeast, and continue to eye national growth with its recent $5 million series A. 2ULaundry is hiring for several positions, including a Head of Finance.

BIP Capital led a $5.2 million Series A funding round for Kobiton, Cloud-based mobile testing platform. Kobiton provides a cloud-based test environment that connects with real mobile devices, letting developers test their apps before launch. Get the full story.

Bungii is part of the Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC), which raised a $9.4 million Series A round. Bungii is an on-demand truck rental startup that is growing quickly across the nation. Get the full story.

Atlanta Tech Scene

Advancing Black Entrepreneurs’ StartupBus
According to Hypepotamus, Atlanta’s StartupBus hosted 30 black entrepreneurs, 7 startups, and 1 bus on a true entrepreneurial journey to join the others from across the country. StartupBus is an annual competition designed to empower the tech community – challenging top talent to hop on a bus and conceive, build and launch a startup in just 72 hours. Get the full story.

Could a Smartphone App Schedule an Elevator Ride?
Elevator manufacturers are under increasing pressure to reduce wait times and personalized service as high-rises continue to grow taller. According to Neil Green, chief digital officer of Otis Elevator Co., new technology is coming to lifts, including smartphones to schedule rides and sensors to detect maintenance issues. Get the full story.

Global Cyber-FinTech Challenge
Atlanta Tech Park has put together the inaugural Global Cyber-FinTech Challenge, which will take place September 18th – 19th. This event will feature industry expert keynotes, panels, and workshops, along with networking opportunities within the industry. Developers will compete in several challenges for a chance to win $10,000. Get the full story.

North Carolina-based startup, Liine, analyzes phone calls to tell doctors how their patients are finding them. Hypepotamus reports that Liine’s technology sits on top of medical practice’s phone system, using natural language processing to analyze new patient calls. The data will help doctors optimize their marketing spend and improve staff performance. Get the full story.

How to Avoid Robocalls and Robotexts
Robocalls and Robotexts have continuously pestered consumers. Last year, more than 93,000 filed complaints by consumers about unwanted text messages to the Federal Trade Commission. Katherine Bindley of the Wall Street Journal has 4 tips to help reduce those pesky calls and texts.  Get the full story.

Atlanta Startup Village
The Atlanta Tech Village hosted the Atlanta Startup on August 26th. The event allowed a select group of new or emerging startups to pitch their businesses, with time to discuss roadblocks, opportunities, and get feedback.

Venture Atlanta
Venture Atlanta is an annual conference that creates opportunities to connect with and fund the region’s most promising technology companies. The event takes place October 16-17 at the Southern Exchange.

Companies on the Move

Switchyards Downtown Club is evolving into Switchyards All-City Club. The membership demand opened the idea of being the incredible culture of Switchyards to more areas of Atlanta and would give members access to Atlanta’s trendy spots, people, and moments. Local entrepreneurs and investors believe in people connecting offline through specific interests, therefore, funding a $600,000 seed round.

Porsche Digital
Porsche Digital Inc. moved to Atlanta, joining the headquarters of Porsche Cars North America, Inc. Porsche Digital Atlanta will work on two key solutions: the customer portal, My Porsche, and a digital sales platform for a multitude of new online commerce and digital services. Porsche Digital Inc. decided to make the move to Atlanta, to not only work hand-in-hand with the other local business units of Porsche, but to work with the local tech talent of Atlanta.

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