Looking for ways to let your employees or coworkers know that you appreciate them? Good! If this is not already standard practice within your company, it should be. Letting your team know that you recognize their efforts and are thankful for what they do promotes bottom line results and, more importantly, your employees’ well-being.

In honor of Thanksgiving week, here is a guest blog post about ways to express gratitude every day from our friends at MAU.

What is Gratitude?

Gratitude is defined as the quality or feeling of being grateful or thankful. Gratitude is a fundamental connection that holds the bonds of our social fabric together. Acts of gratitude not only positively impact our mental health, but they also help to build and fortify our relationships with other people.

The benefits of daily acts of  gratitude occur at both a mental and physical level. Studies show that acknowledging what you are thankful for and in turn, acting on those feelings of gratitude, can not only make you happier, but actually help to boost your immune system. This holiday season, you can truly put the “Happy” in, “Happy Holidays.” Try practicing these daily acts of gratitude in your workplace and beyond!

Daily Acts of Gratitude:

If you’re not sure where to begin in your quest to add daily acts of gratitude to your lifestyle, check out these easy, yet powerful, ways to display your thankfulness. It’s as easy as one, two, three. Or, acknowledge, reciprocate, and celebrate.


Often times, we forget to do the little things. Something as simple as acknowledging that you are grateful for someone or something can have a positive impact. It is also one of the easiest daily activities to help you show your gratitude. Here are a few easy ways to acknowledge people in your workplace and everyday life.

  • Verbally, say thank you when someone does something helpful
  • Compliment them on a specific skill or personality trait you admire
  • Look them in the eyes when communicating. It is a simple act that helps to show that you are fully present in your interactions

Reciprocation is a great way to show gratitude that doesn’t take much creativity. You simply return the same kind act that was done to you. For example, if a co-worker assists you with a task or project, you can do the same for them. Similarly, if someone treats you to a meal, you can return the favor by opting to pay for the meal the next time you dine together.

The celebration of another is perhaps the most common or popular act of gratitude someone can display. The celebration of another manifests in many different forms. Celebration as an act of gratitude can be shown through public proclamation, observation, or gift giving. Here are a few ways you can celebrate another as a way to show thanks.

  • Publicly recognize the deed
  • Commemorate the moment or deed with a special gathering
  • Give a gift of gratitude
    • handwritten note
    • flowers
    • food

Remembering to perform these simple acts in your daily life will help you lead a life of gratitude everyday. Begin to positively impact your mental health and build and fortify your relationships inside and out of the workplace.

This post was originally published on the MAU blog.