Staying on top of the tech industry is a full-time job. Podcasts are a great way to stay connected to the topics you love, even from afar. As you look to make the most of this strange and confusing time, we wanted to offer a few go-to distractions to add to your queue.

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If you’re looking for compelling stories about the human side of technology, this is a great podcast to tune in for. The Guardian describes it best: “A podcast about the internet that is actually an unfailingly original exploration of modern life and how to survive it.” New episodes air every Thursday at 6 AM ET.

Accidental Tech Podcast
Hosted by three developers, Accidental Tech Podcast (AKA ATP) is the ultimate podcast for true techies. Tune in to hear three self-proclaimed nerds diving deep into tech, Apple, programming, and more. Latest episodes include “This Jerk, Right Here,” “Things Are Degraded,” and “Four-Letter Technologies.”

Switched On
Brought to you by Bloomberg, the Switched On podcast offers listeners the latest research and key findings on energy, transport, sustainability, and more. Latest episodes include “China Wants to Sell, the World’s Not Ready to Buy,” “Coronavirus Blew Up Your Forecast—Now What?” and “Robots, Drones, and Sensors Help You Mine More By Digging Less.”

TED Radio Hour
If you’re in the tech space, you’ve heard of TED. TED Radio Hour is a co-production of NPR and TED, hosted by Manoush Zomorodi. It helps listeners explore life’s biggest questions. Latest episodes include “Inoculation,” “Teaching For Better Humans 2.0,” and “Uncharted.”

If you want to stay up-to-date on the latest stories in technology and business in Atlanta and beyond, be sure to tune into TechCONNECT every Friday or subscribe right here.

Back to Work
Productivity, communication, work, barriers, constraints, tools, and more are the topics you can expect on this award-winning podcast. With over 300 episodes to keep your attention, Back to Work gets great reviews for good reason. Latest episodes include “French on Tom Sawyer,” “Sunday Afternoon Feeling,” and “One-Drawer Project.”

Fintech Insider
If you’re looking to dive into the more niche world of fintech, turn to Fintech Insider by 11:FS. It’s a bi-weekly podcast dedicated to all things fintech, banking, technology, and financial services hosted by a rotation of experts. Latest episodes include “SoFi Snaps Up Galileo for $1.2b,” “Varo Money—The First Fintech to Get FDIC Approval,” and “Major US Banks Protect Employees as Start-Ups Stall.”

Artificial Intelligence
Techies, tune in to Artificial Intelligence with Lex Fridman. Topics include deep learning, robotics, AI, AGI, neuroscience, philosophy, psychology, cognitive science, economics, physics, mathematics, and more. Latest episodes include “Eric Weinstein: Geometric Unity and the Call for New Ideas, Leaders & Institutions,” “ Richard Dawkins: Evolution, Intelligence, Simulation, and Memes, and “David Silver: AlphaGo, AplhaZero, and Deep Reinforcement Learning.”

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