Guy Juzang and his wife Alicia founded Infinity Technology back in 1989. Before its acquisition, this award-winning aerospace engineering company specialized in quality assurance services for high-profile military, aerospace and next-generation spacecraft manufacturers.

We were excited to sit down with Guy to learn more about his work and how he continues to support our country, STEM, and diversity in technology.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your background.
I grew up in a military family—my dad was in the Air Force, and my mother was an educator. Being in the Air Force, I traveled all over the world. I grew up with jets flying overhead on the air force base. I didn’t know then that one day I would found an aerospace engineering firm and champion it to the number one small business in all of America for developing the operating system of the F-22 fighter jet, mainly here in Marietta, Georgia.

Wow. Have you always gravitated towards that field?
No, it was like somebody grabbed me by the hand and led me on the way. I knew I had a social skill. My undergrad was in Sociology with a math minor. I got an MBA and then went to IBM as a Systems Engineer. That was a real turning point for me. I wasn’t pursuing computers, but for the future I was going to have, computers were required. So being a Systems Engineer and then going to digital equipment prepared me for the aerospace engineering defense firm that we eventually founded.

What are some of the most memorable projects you’ve worked on?
There are four aerospace weapon systems, fighter jets, Apache helicopters that are currently supporting America that we either developed the operating system for, or we had a hand in modifying the operating system for. The two key ones are the F-22 fighter jet; it took 17 years to develop the operating system, millions of lines of code. And the apache helicopter, we had the awesome honor of developing the architecture onto which the programs developed the first digital OS for the apache helicopter for the army.

Amazing. So what’s next for you and Alicia?
We sold our company about five years ago, and I was hanging up some of the awards we received over the years from Senator John Kerry, SBA, and Lockheed. It dawned on me that these experiences and opportunities deserve more than a wall hanger. It entered my mind that I wanted to do a movie to expound upon these miracles that really happened. A movie to motivate youth to go into the area of STEM. There’s a lot of positions and opportunities in that area, and we don’t have enough individuals going in that field. So to encourage the younger generation to go into this field and to see the types of things they can do, especially to support our war fighter and defend our country is a great honor.

You can learn more about Infinity Technology and connect with Guy Juzang on LinkedIn.


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