“Big companies say “innovation, let’s do do that!” But they overlook how culture weighs into their ability to successfully innovate. The first thing corporate innovation teams do is build out cool office space and tell everyone to wear t-shirts to work–but that has nothing to do with innovation. To innovate, you need a passion for solving a problem.”        – K.P. Reddy, Founder at Shadow Ventures

It’s a good time to be in BuiltTech. Thanks to a recent construction boom, opportunities abound in the property and construction industries. The AEC ecosystem is facing major disruption as BuiltTech firms race to bring new technologies to the Built Environment. The possibilities are endless in this $30Trillion market, and today’s BuiltTech businesses are looking for ways to innovate and fuel long-term success.

A quick refresh–what exactly is BuiltTech? To borrow a definition from Atlanta expert and friend, K.P. Reddy, Built Environment Technology (AKA BuiltTech) is “the innovation through technology that provides the framework for the physical world around us. BuiltTech is what shapes the future of planning, design, construction, and management of buildings, infrastructure, and cities.”

As a relatively new field, many BuiltTech companies are struggling to find, attract, and hire world-class talent to reach their strategic goals and objectives. The companies that are winning at securing the best BuiltTech talent? The ones who are baking innovation into every layer of their company culture.

How to Identify the Best BuiltTech Talent

To win in the BuiltTech environment, you’ll need to invest in innovation by developing your pipeline. Here are a few innovative qualities to look for in your next BuiltTech hire:

  • Passionate problem solvers
  • Independent thinkers
  • Process nerds
  • Naturally curious
  • Unafraid to ask “what if”
  • Multidisciplinary learners
  • Uncomfortable with status quo

How to Retain Top BuiltTech Talent

Of course, hiring top BuiltTech talent is only one part of the innovation puzzle. You’ll also need to find a way to keep these problem solvers around. Microdesk, founded in 1994, is a technology consultancy helping AECO and GIS firms plan, design, build, and operate land and buildings. They’ve achieved phenomenal growth across their 12 global offices by securing top BuiltTech talent. So, how are they attracting and retaining a diverse, 200-person workforce?

  • Professional Growth: “As Microdesk continues to grow, so do opportunities for our staff.”
  • Exceptional Opportunities: “Microdesk offers unique job opportunities, which opens the door for employees to work with different firms on a wide variety of monumental projects.”
  • Regular Recognition: “Finding new ways to reward staff for their hard work is a great method to build relationships and guarantee that employees know they are respected, supported, and valued.”

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