In the wake of the coronavirus, businesses are finding ways to adapt and move forward. Many are reevaluating their supply chain, looking for smarter ways to continue delivering value to their customers.

With digital dependency on the rise and the bandwidth of tech teams stretched thin, we’ve seen a growing number of businesses looking for additional talent and expertise to write much-needed software or applications.

To help our clients rapidly address these new challenges, 3Ci is now providing custom software development services. Whether you lack the bandwidth, the talent, or the specific skill set for your software development projects, we are here to help you fill in your gaps and succeed.

We know there are plenty of consulting companies out there to help you with business-critical solutions, enterprise digitization, or end-to-end cross-domain development. Here are a few reasons why you should choose 3Ci.

We Deliver Highly Experienced Talent
For your project to be a success, you need the right people. We use our innovative, award-winning Proven Process™️ to find and deploy the best tech team for your project. Some consulting firms make big promises upfront but fail to deliver experienced talent with the right skill set. At 3Ci, we cultivate strong relationships with applicants and use video interviews, technical evaluations, and behavioral assessments to ensure they’re the right fit for the development team.

We Offer a Domestic-Based Team
When you’re managing a major tech initiative, you deserve to know the project status every step of the way. By relying exclusively on tech talent located in the US, 3Ci’s software development solutions offer improved communication and increased productivity. In a time when instability and unknowns are the norms, it can be helpful to work with close, trusted, and onshore software development resources. We also provide a blended model with both onshore and offshore resources.

We Take a Collaborative Approach
We design our software development solutions around your specific pain points. Before we deploy a team of experts, we develop a deep understanding of your culture, requirements, and expectations. Based on those critical insights, we develop flexible, targeted solutions that rapidly address your needs.

We understand how much is on the line with your modernization and transformation efforts. Our team works closely by your side as partners to see the project through. We use an iterative development and project management approach to stay flexible around any changing requirements.

Are you looking for software development experts to help you revamp internal software, client-facing systems, or modernize and integrate legacy applications or websites? 3Ci is here to design a solution specifically for your business. Contact the software development experts at 3Ci to learn how we pull together highly skilled teams to help you meet critical business needs in a dynamic, ever-changing environment.

Learn how 3Ci partnered with one of the nation’s largest utility companies to architect, design, and develop a new enterprise management system by deploying 30 highly experienced tech consultants virtually. You can click below to download the case study.