Hiring Tech Talent During the Coronavirus Pandemic

by | May 14, 2020 | Blog

Seemingly overnight, the world has fundamentally changed. So has the labor market for tech professionals, which has experienced a drastic shift these last few months. As many employees face the painful reality of layoffs and furloughs, the most forward-thinking companies are seizing the opportunity to hire this rarely available tech talent.

Tech giants like Apple, Amazon, and Google are hiring software engineers, data scientists, product designers, and more in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. Why? Because they are aware of the hiring opportunity in front of them and are willing to look beyond the short-term of this crisis to capitalize on it.

Other businesses are hiring tech talent right now out of sheer necessity. Many are relying heavily on their technology function to quickly adapt and meet demand during the outbreak. As a result, talent acquisition teams are scrambling to process an influx of applications and screen tech talent at high speed. “This is the first time we have engineers looking for jobs and reaching out versus the other way around,” one talent manager in this Wall Street Journal article so aptly sums up.

The Rise of the Virtual Hiring Process

As remote work becomes the new norm for businesses with the good fortune of having work-from-home as an option, many are shifting to 100% virtual recruiting, hiring, and onboarding processes. This is a new challenge and uncharted territory for most companies. Luckily, tech employees are well-versed in the virtual world and are highly capable of performing remotely.

3Ci has been helping our clients find and hire the best tech talent virtually since the beginning. Using a combination of video interviews, technical evaluations, and behavioral assessments, we are helping companies screen potential candidates and implement virtual interviewing processes so they can build successful teams faster.


Prior to this pandemic, onboarding a new hire virtually was not a common practice for most companies. We’ve helped companies adapt by shipping computers, monitors, and other necessary equipment to new hire locations. To help workers hit the ground running, we also enable VPN technology.

The influx of available tech talent on the market right now is unprecedented. For those looking to move projects along faster, innovate quickly, and get ahead of competition, now is the time to redirect some of that talent toward your company or project.

If you’re looking for a partner who can help you successfully implement a virtual hiring process to capitalize on this opportunity, get in touch with the team at 3Ci.

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