The pandemic served as a catalyst for digitization, forcing millions of business owners to rethink their processes and embrace the potential of technology to carry out tasks more quickly, efficiently, and at a lower cost. With a desire to emerge stronger than before, businesses are adopting flexible technologies that not only enable them to survive during challenging times, but give them a competitive edge regardless of situation or circumstance.

A well-thought-out implementation of personalized technologies could greatly reduce the long-term impact of this crisis. Different industries have different software needs, so developing a unique Custom Solution plan can help businesses, regardless of industry, rebuild sooner, faster, and better.

Is now the time to pursue custom software development?

Technology has become a constant in our day-to-day lives and is an essential aspect of the buyers journey. Post-pandemic, customer needs and expectations have shifted. Users are more informed than ever and are seeking transparent, low-contact access to your businesses resources.

Are you equipped to meet their rapidly evolving demands, or are you being hindered by technological pain points? Identifying your businesses specific pain points is essential for perfectly tailored Custom Solutions that provides the support you need to properly engage your target audience. Some common pain points include:

Out-Dated Legacy Systems
Legacy systems are notorious for driving businesses into ruts and halting modernization. They’re costly to maintain, trap your information in data silos, and don’t play nicely with other systems, making them impractical to upkeep but difficult to migrate away from.

Many businesses are finding themselves stuck with a Legacy System and are struggling to digitize because of it. The key to moving away from an outdated Legacy System is a successful Data Migration. A vital part of the Migration process is understanding where data will be hosted and how it will be optimized, which is why having a Custom Solution plan is essential for a business’s growth and modernization journey.

Inaccessibility of Big Data
Everyone knows that collecting data is essential for driving innovation, but many companies are missing out on valuable Big Data: data sets whose size and complexity are beyond the ability of traditional or outdated databases to capture, manage, and process. The volume of Big Data created will only continue to grow, making it essential for businesses to not only be able to capture and store this data but use it in a meaningful, intentional way.

Big Data enables advanced targeted marketing, predictive product development, proactive customer service, cost reduction, and increased efficiency. The best way to get the most out of Big Data is through developing Custom Software, which can streamline Data Integration and boost Data Governance. Both are vital to maintaining a healthy, useful database.

Underdeveloped Customer Experience (CX)
Now more than ever, clients and customers care about where their money goes. It is essential that businesses are transparent and give prospects access to relevant information, while making them feel valued. Implementing Custom Solutions can help a business establish a mutually beneficial rapport by boosting personalization, creating intuitive AI, and capturing useful user data. Creating a positive user experience is vital for staying competitive and Custom Solutions offer limitless potential for uniquely connecting with customers.

Developing Custom Solutions is more essential than ever to staying competitive, futureproofing your business, and satisfying customers. Regardless of your businesses starting point, a skilled dev team can select the most appropriate software methodology and guide your business through every stage of Custom Software implementation with ease, including research, design, testing, deployment, and even future maintenance.

Learn more about 3Ci’s custom software development services and see how we can help you build powerful and scalable solutions that fuel business growth.

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