Innovative Third-Party App Integration: A Case Study in Enhancing Digital Ordering Systems

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Modern businesses don’t simply move products from creation to customer—they are orchestras of technology. Seamless third-party app integration is fundamental for success. For many businesses, mobile ordering and delivery have become a key revenue driver.

Our client was tasked to build a successful third-party delivery platform integration that could manage high demand and meet the client’s benchmarks for customer service. This integration is responsible for over half of the client’s digital ordering revenue. So, ensuring everything runs smoothly is critical to our client’s success and overall customer satisfaction. 3Ci was brought in to build the application to scale with seamless integration that provides a premium customer experience.

Project Overview

3Ci built a robust partnership centered on a two-team strategy, fostering collaboration towards achieving a common goal: a successful third-party delivery platform integration. At the outset, both our client and we assembled dedicated and skilled teams with a vision for growth.

The 3Ci project team encompasses a variety of skilled individuals, blending the talents of our client’s personnel with our own—comprising developers, a quality assurance specialist, a product manager, and a technical product owner. With the right team in place, our focus was on backend development for the app’s integration pipeline.

Following an agile framework, we partnered with our client to prioritize flexibility and continuous enhancement through regular stand-ups, sprints, and iterative processes. Quality assurance engineering was integral, ensuring a seamless user experience by rigorously testing APIs.

Leveraging technology like AWS and DynamoDB, our development guarantees scalability and resilience for thousands of service locations. The application’s size, scale, and compressed peak time loads emphasized the need for clean and efficient code. This tech stack empowers many digital transactions and the rapid evolution of service delivery ecosystems.

Driving Revenue and Ensuring Customer Service Excellence

The application handles every aspect of an order, enabling customizations and promotions across all 3,000 locations, offering a user-friendly interface that supports the preferences of every customer, and ensuring that delivery is tracked efficiently and in real-time.

Our efforts resulted in an efficient, reliable, and cutting-edge digital ordering system that drives revenue and delivers a seamless user experience. As a result, our client has seen increased customer satisfaction and loyalty, solidifying their position as a leader in the industry.

Looking Ahead

Our team takes pride in our transparent and proactive communication, foreseeing the client’s needs and availability. Our adeptness at aligning with the client’s work methods, understanding cultural nuances, and providing expert insights showcases the strength of a truly blended, collaborative, and trust-filled partnership.

This case study is evidence of our ability to rejuvenate foundational technology, creating resilient, scalable systems poised to meet future demands. We are dedicated to continuing this journey of innovation, assisting businesses in moving from outdated technology to adaptable, robust digital infrastructures.