Ready to land your dream UX design job?

Good newsUX design is the fastest growing field in tech. According to a recent study by Adobe, 87% of managers cite hiring UX designers to be a top priority in the year ahead and 73% plan to double their UX design staff in the next five years. Looking to take advantage of this demand and land your dream UX design job? Today, we’re going behind the scenes with 3Ci’s Managing Director, Matt Galla, to give you insight into exactly what today’s Fortune 500s are looking for.

Could you give a bit background on the role and why demand for UX designers is growing so quickly?

UX design is centered around how an individual feels when interacting with a product. It’s the UX designer’s job to make sure that experience is as efficient, pleasurable, and easy as possible. Whether they’re designing a mobile app, wearable device, or a digital experience, UX designers test and iterate to design the very best user experience possible. I think the increase in demand is coming from companies realizing the importance of developing and designing their products in a modern way to stay competitive.

What kind of qualities do the right UX design candidate typically exhibit?

That’s a great question. While I don’t believe there is any one type of person that can be successful in this role, there are a few qualities great UX designers tend to have.

    • High Empathy: you understand how to be empathetic to a user’s unique situation and experience to inform the design process.
    • Strong Research Abilities: research is the foundation of UX design, so you have to be comfortable getting into the field and interacting with users.
    • Strategic Problem Solving: you have a well-defined UX design-thinking process. You can curiously explore and identify a problem before offering a solution.
    • Lifelong Learning Mentality: the best UX designers are open to learning new things. They leave their egos at the door and strive for continuous improvement. You must be willing to learn, iterate, and push boundaries.
    • Self Starter: you can’t be comfortable with the status quo. You must thrive working autonomously in a fast paced environment.

How can UX designers prepare for a successful job search?

A strong portfolio is key. Regardless of whether you’re just out of college or a tenured executive, your portfolio is the thing that will set you apart from a sea of competition. A resume that is clear and easy to read is important, but that’s just words. A portfolio is proof and will give hiring managers a better understanding of your approach. The portfolio should be easy to navigate, easy to use, and display a level of quality that is in line with your salary expectations.

Don’t forget to use your portfolio to tell a story. These UX design job hiring managers aren’t looking for a link to a finished product. They want to understand your approach from end to end. That means answering questions like: What was the problem? Who did you work with to solve it? What research did you conduct? What competitive analysis did you complete? At what point did you pivot based on the research or testing that you lead?

What questions should they expect to receive from Fortune 500s when interviewing for a UX design job?

They’re going to change from company to company. Some will want to conduct an interactive design session to see what a candidate’s design process looks like. You should be prepared to cite specific examples of when you’ve applied your UX design process in the past and explain why your unique approach will fit in well with the company you’re applying for.

Any tips to really stand out amongst other candidates during the hiring process?

Remember, you’re applying for a user experience role, so make things as easy as possible on your end user. Don’t get caught up creating the flashiest resume or portfolio. Put yourself in the shoes of the person on the other end of the table and be empathetic towards their needs.

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