As technology evolves, so should the way we approach the design and development of our digital products. To stay relevant in today’s market, many organizations are turning to user experience to stay relevant and competitive. What was once seen as a “nice-to-have” function is now considered central to organizational profitability, efficiency, and customer loyalty.

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A strong UX design program can help a business increase sales, reduce development costs, and keep users coming back for more. A weak, or nonexistent, UX design program can do, well, the exact opposite. 

The problem? Despite the power and potential of the function, many organizations are struggling to modernize their approach to product and service development, embrace a design thinking culture, and build highly effective UX design teams. 

So, what exactly does a strong UX design program look like? We believe it comes down to four main things: your current UX process, your teams’ dedication to UX research, the structure of your UX team, and overall buy-in from your leadership team.  

If you’re tasked with building or managing a UX design team for your organization, you’re probably wondering how your program stacks up against the competition. To help you get a gain a better understanding of where you stand and how to take your program to the next level, we created the UX Design Maturity Quiz

Take the quiz and remember—no matter where you are on your UX design journey, there are ways to evolve your program and create more delightful experiences for your end users.


Why are we qualified to assess the maturity of  the UX design function of your business? We’re subject matter experts with a deep understanding of what makes a UX project successful and unsuccessful. At 3Ci, we’re laser-focused on the elements that will make the biggest impact to your business’ bottom line and help you create measurable results. 

Want to discuss your quiz results? Need help executing your next big UX design project? Get in touch with the UX design experts at 3Ci today.

Check out this infographic to have a sense of the current state of UX design and how your program stacks up against the competition. Check it out!
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