When an organization needs to get a job done, they have two main options: staff augmentation or project based consulting. As technology and automation become more sophisticated and skills become more specialized, we’re seeing a slow and steady shift towards the latter. What are the implications of this change, and how can organizations make a choice that will generate the most value for their business?

In this blog post, we will explore this exciting shift and help organizations make an informed decision between talent augmentation and project based consulting.

“While it may be a slow process, the economy is leaning toward a preference for contract work, for individual contributors responsible for themselves coming together to create, plan, manage, build, and inform.” – Amanda Darcangelo, Futurist

Today, everyone wants to be their own boss. As the barrier to entry for self employment lowers, many qualified specialists are branching out on their own. And why not? Independent consultant have the freedom to set their own rates, dictate their own hours, and enjoy full autonomy. Project based consulting allows these highly qualified specialists to partner with businesses and add incredible value while avoiding high risk of failure.

(Project based consultants also have to manage their businesses end-to-end and often don’t know where their next paycheck is coming from. If you’re looking for contract work, check out the 3Ci job board!).

Project Based Consulting Versus Staff Augmentation

Whether you’re looking to pursue a new business opportunity or solve a major business problem, project based consulting can help you accomplish your goals without adding another set of permanent hands to the team. Unlike staff augmentation, project based consulting can be completely customized to fit the scope of your project and often minimized risk for the organization.

Project based consulting isn’t always the right choice. Both options are ideal to meet certain types of business objectives. So, how do you decide? Here are a few go-to rules to follow.

Project Based Consulting

  • You’re pursuing something new and need help with direction and roadmapping.
  • You have no set methodology in place.
  • You’re dealing with an entirely new technology.
  • You need a strategic specialist.

Staff Augmentation

  • You already have defined business processes for the task at hand.
  • You’re looking for additional or temporary help with execution.
  • You need a dedicated generalist.
  • You’re willing to maintain the risk of project success.

Many are predicting that our economy will eventually revolve around project based consulting. What do you think the future of work holds?

3Ci offers both business and technology consulting and talent augmentation services.  If you need help determining which solution will work best for your specific project or business objective, get in touch with our team of experts today.